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Formal Up-Style

Formal Up-Style

What’s a Formal Up-Style?

A Formal Up-style is a hairstyle that is worn for any special occasion. Whether its prom, weddings, parties, or award ceremonies. It involves certain polishing techniques for the hair before some or all of it is pinned up with intention and the use of bobby pins. There are a various number and combination of styles to choose from when selecting a style. They can range from conservative minimalist to romantic flowing styles to texturally modern. They can make a statement or be as modest as you want. The hairstyles are tailored to you, not the other way around.

Depending on the importance of the occasion we would like to suggest that you book a consultation with our stylist to speak about your hopes for the desired outcome of the up-style. Furthermore it may be beneficial to include a trial run where your hair would be put in the formal style discussed and then adjustments, if any, would be make at your discretion.

Before You Arrive For Your Appointment

Before you arrive for your appointment we ask that your hair is washed and blow dried. What does that mean? It means if you want an up-style that is smooth in nature, your hair should be blown out smooth prior to your service with us. If your up-style of choice is utilizing your natural texture then your hair should be washed and either air dried or diffused beforehand.

The appointment for a formal up-style is one and a half hours. The whole amount of this time is used to set the hair then shape and style it. If a client arrives under prepared adjustments will have to be made on what is achievable during this service time.

Contact us for more information on our formal up-style hair service.