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Blow Dry/Diffuse & Style

Blow Dry/Diffuse & Style

A blowdry or Diffuse and style can be anything from a blowout using a round brush to using tools such as a curling iron or flat iron or for our curly natural girls, dried and styled with a diffuser. This is utilized as a tool to finish a service that is being performed in the salon or on its own for any occasion. We specialize in styles that range from Big Bouncy Curls to beachy waves to voluminous blowouts and sleek smooth styles. A Blowdry or Diffuse & Style takes anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half. This time flux depends entirely on the thickness, length, and coarseness of the hair.

When you arrive for your Blowdry or Diffuse & Style appointment your stylist will consult with you about what style you were hoping to achieve that day. From there you’ll be escorted to the shampoo stations where your stylist will explain what shampoo and conditioner will be best to use on your hair to get the desired look for the day. After your washed and conditioned you’ll be brought back to the hairstylist’s chair where your stylist will now educate you on what styling products will be the most beneficial for your Blowdry or Diffuse & Style. After demonstrating how to apply the products the Blowdry or Diffuse & Style will begin.

We start every Blowdry or Diffuse & Style at the hairline as this area dries the fastest and tends to be the problem area for some clients. From there, depending on the chosen style, sections of the hair will be directed in strategic angles to achieve volume and/or smoothness for the look. The utilization of heat and cool air is also regarded for the end result. Once the hair is completely dry and if the look calls for it, hot tools will be used on the hair but is typically avoided when working with our natural curly girls. Any finishing products and touches will then be performed and will conclude your appointment.

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