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Protein/Hydration Service

Protein / Hydration Service

When you book a Protein/Hydration service it means that when you come into the salon your hair will be evaluated by our qualified stylist to decide what treatments your hair will benefit from the most. We have multiple treatments that provide different results for the hair.

Olaplex, which is a protein treatment, will be used if your hair is compromised from a chemical service. This specific treatment is applied pre-shampoo. This means the hair is dampened then Olaplex is applied to the hair in sections making sure to evenly distribute. The treatment is then left on the hair for ten minutes.

Depending on the severity of the damage the hair will be coated a second time with an additional layer of Olaplex and left on for another ten minutes. Once this time is complete your hair is rinsed and the proper shampoo and conditioner for your hair type will follow. Our other deep conditioner and treatment masks can be used on their own or cocktailed together to achieve a specific goal.

In a hydration service one or more treatments will be applied to your hair in sections at the shampoo bowl after being washed. For some, this will be and entire detangling and hydrating service so you will spend the majority of the appointment at the shampoo station.

Once each section has been detangled and the mask distributed thoroughly, water will be applied by hand to each section encouraging the hair to accept as much water and product as possible. In some cases, if the hair calls for it, some of the diluted deep conditioner will be left on the hair, acting as a leave in to promote even more moisture in the hair. In other cases, if even deeper penetration is needed, a plastic cap or hot towel will be placed around the hair and you will be seated underneath a hooded dryer anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes to further open the cuticle of the hair so it can accept the treatments more.

After this service you will be rinsed and the appropriate styling products will be used to have you naturally dry under a hooded dryer or blow dried/diffused by your stylist.

About Our Hydration Service

This service is a treatment with the intention of revitalizing dry and/or weak curls to the best health that can be expected in a single treatment. We will start by an assessment of where your hair strength and hydration levels are, and proceed with a cleansing, detangling, and deep conditioning treatment based on your specific needs. Once we have gotten your hair to the best place we possibly can at that point in time, we will style and dry you either under heat or by diffuser.

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