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Corrective Color

Corrective Color

What is a Corrective Color Service?

A corrective color service is something that involves two or more steps and results in a definite visual transformation. It is a “fix” of something done to the hair that was self inflicted at one time or over the course of months to years, or the outcome from what another colorist performed on your hair based on the desire at that time. Reasons for a corrective color service includes, but is not limited to, multiple bands of multi-colored tones along the hair shaft, uneven regrowth, brassiness, toning down or brightening of the hair, growing out gray, or correcting a “fashion color” to name a few.

What Does a Corrective Color Service entail?

Before even making an appointment, an over the phone consult will take place asking questions such as what the current color and condition your hair and what kind of change you are hoping to achieve. After this you will be booked with the appropriate colorist for an in-person consultation. For anyone contemplating a major change or who’s had an unsuccessful experience with a color service, a consultation in person is REQUIRED before any service is booked. An in depth consult is extremely important to determine what is achievable.

It is very important that you are open and honest with your colorist about what has been used on your hair, your expectations on what you wish to see, and about your budget. Knowing this information enables the colorist to come up with a strategy going forth. After having and thorough consultation the colorist is then able to book the appointment according to their expertise on what the duration of the service should be. Having a color correction service performed could mean your are at the salon for the better part of a day, but in some cases and dependent on the depth of correction, can also mean that it be spread out.

There is a method to the madness when it is suggested that the service be done at different times in the following weeks or months. In severe cases, especially when, color is being removed, protein and moisture are also being removed from the hair. The colorists supreme goal is to take special care to assure that the structure and health of your hair remains in the best condition possible. The way they will ensure this is to be open and honest with you as well, proceeding with meticulous detail, and using restorative products such as Olapex before your service, during, and sending you home with a take home treatment after to be used as prescribed. To have the best corrective color results the hair must be in its optimum condition.

Why is Corrective Color So Expensive?

It is so important to do things correctly and not cut corners. Corrective colors, depending on the depth the hair needs to be corrected, can take anywhere from three hours to eight plus hours and include coming back at a separate time. Attention to the smallest detail is paramount.

Our colorists will not take on a color correction if they are not able to condition, tone, or apply what color is needed as many times as necessary. With that in mind, they cannot lose money on performing these services and will charge an amount they would normally be making on any normal day still charging appropriately per service that is performed based on what is needed. Hair Coloring is a chemistry. And it’s taken very seriously by us and that will need to be reciprocated in order to achieve the best results.

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