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Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

If you’ve never heard of keratin bonded extensions, let us give you the rundown. Simply put, these extensions consist of tiny strands of virgin (unprocessed) human hair. Unlike hair extensions that are sewn or taped to the hair, these extensions contain a keratin bond.

When the keratin protein is heated it melts so that the extensions are affixed to your own hair. These extensions resemble tiny wisps of your own hair and are strategically positioned in rows. Thus, they blend right into your hair and no one can tell they’re there! This applies even when wearing a ponytail.

  • They add length and volume to your hair
  • Fully customizable to match or improve your natural hair color
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Keratin bonded hair extensions last for as long as six months with proper care
  • The placement of the bonds allows your hair to move naturally
  • They offer more natural looking hair than taped-in or sew-in hair applications
  • Experiment with color without permanent dye, bleach, or harsh chemicals
  • Fewer maintenance appointments than with other types of hair extensions
  • Curl, dye, straighten, and style your extensions just as you would with your real hair

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