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Creative Color

Creative Color

What is Creative Color?

Creative color is also known as a custom transformative color service here at Thairapy. This means you will be changing the color of your hair in its entirety giving you a definite visual change. This could mean going from a bright blonde to a rich hue of chocolate brown, exploring high-intensity pigments, or pretty pastels. This is a fun endeavour, but requires more time than your average color appointment especially when the appropriate care is taken.

When calling to make your appointment you will be asked over the phone what it is you would like to accomplish for your color service. At this point you will be asked to come in for a creative color consultation that will be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Initial Consultation

This appointment is vital. Here is where you and the colorist will discuss a multitude of things. What are you looking to be the outcome of the creative color service? Have pictures ready to show the colorist what you would like to achieve, and conversely what you don’t want to see in your hair.

Once you have expressed your desired outcome the colorist will begin to assess your hair asking questions along the way. They will look at the health of your hair as that is our number one priority. Can it withstand what would need to be done to attain the aimed look? If not, could it be if it was pre-treated before hand to make the hair stronger? Is the color possible, and will it take multiple appointments to get there safely? What kind of upkeep are you prepared for? Is what you want a high maintenance color? Will the color compliment your skin tone? What does your budget for this service look like?

Every answer you relay will give our colorist a bigger, better picture of what is possible. They will offer up suggestions to fit the parameters of your needs and wants while also keeping in mind what is attainable.

After Your Consultation

After your in depth consult your colorist will then be able to more accurately give you a quote for the service to follow. They will also have a much better idea of how much time to book the appointment for on the decided day.

On your end, you will have a better understanding of how much time you will need to allow to be spent at the salon, if multiple processes will be used, and how much to budget for your service. Concluding your appointment you will be advised on how to best care for your color and when you would need to return to preserve your color.

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