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Brazilian Blowout

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Brazilian Blowout

What’s a Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is a customizable smoothing treatment that creates a protein barrier around the hair shaft to improve the condition of the hair by eliminating frizz and smoothing the cuticle. Its been used and is great for all hair types ranging from straight to tight coils. Also, a good candidate for the Brazilian Blowout is anyone with damaged or processed hair. This includes hair that has been Japanese straightened, permed, or even has extensions.

With a proper consultation and customized application, everyone can benefit from this service. The end result is frizz-free, manageable, smooth hair that is still able to retain body and has reduced blow drying time to less than it was post Brazilian Blowout.

It is safe for color treated hair as it conditions the hair, sealing the cuticle layer for enhanced color and shine. When getting a Brazilian Blowout you are able to get color the same day as long as its before the treatment. Otherwise, you must wait a period of 2 weeks after the service to receive a color service. The Brazilian Blowout can also be applied on top of relaxers, infusing each strand with essential amino acids. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone transitioning from permanent relaxers. The hair will also still keep memory and bend when blow drying or using a curling iron.

The Brazilian Blowout Process

The Brazilian Blowout process is booked in two hour appointments. First thing that will happen upon arriving for your service is your stylist will take you to his/her chair and have a consultation with you about the desired results and what is attainable and best for your hair type and texture. Once that is discussed you will be taken to the shampoo station and washed with an anti-residue shampoo to free the hair from build up of any kind. You will then be escorted back to the stylists station where your hair will be blotted with a towel to remove excess water leaving the hair feeling damp to the touch. Here follows the Brazilian Blowout solution application.

Your hair will be separated into four quadrants and taken section by section. Much like a color service the solution will be applied to each section of hair from roots to end, carefully covering the entire surface. When this is complete your hair will be blow dried. After drying the hair your stylist will proceed to take small section by small section flat ironing each piece taking into consideration the amount of heat applied to achieve the agreed upon outcome. The flatiron will seal the solution around the hair. You will then be taken back to the shampoo bowl to have any excess solution rinsed from your hair. A complimentary hydrating hair masque will be applied and left on for approximately ten minutes. The masque will then be rinsed and you will be asked back to the styling chair to have your finished style.

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