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Detangling Service

When hair gets matted, your first instinct may be to cut it all off and let it grow out, however, this is where a detangling service comes in to play. Hair becomes matted when it is not getting combed as needed to permit natural shedding. Loose hair can knot several times around strands, creating tangles that cause the hair to matte. When the hair is damaged the cuticle is lifted and not smooth making it difficult for each strand to slide pass each other. To de-matte, we saturate the matted area with a chosen conditioner|masque to make the cuticle smoother and easier for the strands to slide pass each each other. And then use a special metallic pick or comb and a lot of patience to gently pull the strands apart. Depending on your hair texture and severity of the knots and/or matting. Most small knots can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours to 1 to 2 days days to remove.

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