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Dry Cut To Go

Dry Cut To Go Service

What is dry cutting, who is it for, how is it preformed? Our stylists that offer this service look at it as being able to read the story of your hair. Its length, its density, and its texture. It’s a completely custom haircut to the individual based on how your hair naturally falls making your everyday wear effortless.

Being visual learners it only makes sense that they are visual artists as well. This means they cut by sight to create movement in the hair no matter which way it falls.The hair takes form as it being shaped, unlike when it is cut wet. When dry cutting our stylists are able to assess each individual’s unique hair texture that will suit their needs. This allows them to pick and choose where they will be cutting so the fall of the hair lays just right. With dry cutting, they are then able to go beyond the visual aspect of evaluating the hair and venture into touch and feel.

Unlike cutting wet hair, cutting dry gives the potential to sense were they can eliminate bulk and heaviness or add fullness and volume. When discussing length, dry cutting means stylists are able to cut just the right amount of hair resulting in less miscommunication between client and stylist. It enables them to be more precise in the execution of split ends where they are clearly visible when dry as opposed to how they disappear into the hair when wet. Our stylists also have invested in dry cutting shears which gives a cleaner cut to each individual hair resulting in an increased longevity of shape between haircuts.

All hair types and textures are able to benefit from a dry cutting service. There are waves, bends, and cowlicks in the hair, that when cut dry, can be used to the advantage of the hairstylist. When dry cutting, a stylist is able to see the movement in someone’s hair, where it is most dense, what needs to be removed, but most importantly what should remain, making it a great choice for anyone with fine or thinning hair. This is especially helpful when placing face framing pieces, determining how much texture is necessary, if any, and placement of layers.

Dry cutting can also be a safer choice for those who are concerned about thinning or breakage. Hair is most fragile and elastic (stretches more) when wet. In the case of over-processed or fine hair the strands are more susceptible to snapping when being combed over and over when in this state. Cutting hair when dry is useful when cutting long-haired clients who want to rid themselves of damage, but not their length. Our stylists are able to clean up the interior of the hair with soft, undefinable layering.

Dry cutting is also a friend to curly and wavy hair types. For those who have ringlets or waves know that where the hair is snipped can make a huge difference in the end result of a haircut. It is especially important for individuals with curly textured hair. When wet, the curl of someone’s hair can range so vastly from wet to dry which makes it imperative that it be cut in its natural state. This helps the stylist to see how each curl on the head falls since each tendril is unique. If the hair is stretched before its cut each curl will spring up to its each desired spot giving the hair an uneven appearance. A problem that can be avoided by seeking out a dry cutting professional.

Dry cuts do take longer and cost more, and here’s why. Each person is rare which means the dry cut that is received is exclusive to them. It is tailored to the individual to the extreme. The haircut alone may take up to 1 hour. When you book your appointment you are given instructions on what to do prior to showing up for your appointment. Your hair should be washed and air dried. Void of all products, braids, hair ties, clips, and hats. The purpose behind this preparation is because it is important for your stylist to see how your hair naturally falls, what shape it is currently in, and what movement is there, if any. It is also helpful in evaluating the needs of your hair not only for the cut but what products will best benefit your hair.

When you arrive for your appointment your stylist will seat you in his or her chair and begin a consultation with you. (see consultation for a more in depth idea of what that entails.) After a full assessment has been made and a plan of action agreed upon the stylist will begin to shape and sculpt the hair dry.

Once the cutting has concluded, depending on if the service was a ‘to-go” or a wash and dry, the latter will mean you are taken over to the shampoo station and washed with the recommended products for your hair type. Depending on the talked about and/or recommended end result you will be blow dried, diffused to enhance your natural texture, or placed under a dryer to replicate the natural drying process. Any slight finishing snips will be done after this point followed by the conclusion of the service.

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