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Extensions Haircut

Extensions Haircut Service

Why Is An Extension Cut Important?

It is so important to receive an extension cut following an extension application. So much so that at our salon it’s not even an option to opt out of one. It’s all included in the overall service price. Extensions cuts are given on dry hair. Dry cutting extensions is a visual art, not approached as technical cutting. Sectioning the hair like you would wet hair can lead to removing more extension hair then desired. After going through the installation process to add length, volume, or both, our stylists want to be extremely delicate with the execution of the cut.

The Extension Cut Process

The consultation for the end result look would have taken place already but a second less lengthy consultation will take place after the extensions have been applied to reassess the desired look to ensure both stylist and client are on the same page. From this point the shaping with begin. To begin, our stylist will ask you to stand while the length of the hair is shaped and textured. This is to avoid any unwanted elevation in the bottom and give the softest fall possible. Once the length is finished the you will then be asked to be seated once more. The hair is taken small piece by small piece with a light touch as it’s being cut.

Using the top most layer of your natural hair as a guideline for the most organic appearance, the stylist will work from the middle of the hair to the ends to preserve any length. It is so important to create layering movement between your hair and the extensions hair. We want the outcome to be the most fluid and flowing hair making it look as one with your own tresses. Row by row the hair is carefully trimmed to create volume and see the shape that is forming and how the extensions are falling. This is why dry cutting is so vital. The stylist is able to see where layers are needed, taking special care to avoid creating any pockets in the perimeter.

The technique used to cut extensions is all about a soft-cutting approach. Allowing the dry cutting shears to lightly chip its way down the length of the hair. Doing this gives the hair a harmonious look where your own hair melts into the extension hair. When cutting extensions under no circumstances is the hair to be cut in a blunt or hard, straight cutting fashion. The resulting look will be a wig-like resemblance.

How Long Does An Extension Cut Take?

Extension cuts take time and patience. The service is anywhere from an hour to and hour and a half. Once the blending and shaping is concluded your hair will be finished off with and agreed upon style. After the style, the stylist will then recheck the cut. Doing this involves the stylist to move the hair around and have you, the client, do the same. This can reveal any heaviness that did not receive attention before. Following this, pictures may be taken for social media purposes.

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