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Haircut and Style

Haircut and Style

More About Our Haircut and Styling Service

Beginning with a consultation, our stylist’s will have you tell them about your hair. How has it been feeling? How do you usually wear it? What products are you using, but also what type of products do you prefer to use? Creams, gels, waxes? They will talk to you about the current state of your hair. What condition is it in? Do you color your hair?

This is where products tailored to your hair will be recommended. Lastly, the conversation about what desired outcome you would like to achieve for your hair during your appointment. For this, pictures are always appreciated. Pictures of things you would like, but just as importantly, pictures of things you do not want to see. Our stylists will go over things like your needs, how much time you have for styling your own hair, and also how able are you at styling.

After Your Consultation

Once the consultation has concluded this is when the individuality of each stylist will determine how your cut will begin. Some will start while your hair is dry, shaping the whole cut, pre-shampoo (see Dry Cutting). Conversely, your stylist may begin with shampooing and conditioning your hair so they can begin your cut with wet hair. Cutting wet hair offers control when sectioning and cutting the hair. Stylists may decide to begin this way if the desired look is a more precision cut, the look is a shorter crop, or they decide it is best to cut the perimeter wet then go back in after styling to finish the cut dry. These decisions are left to the stylist entirely as they are going to do what is best to achieve the look desired.

Regardless, if you are shampooed before or after your cut you will be taken to the shampoo stations where you’ll be washed with the products that were recommended to you during your consultation. You will also be told what styling products will be used and instructed on exactly how to apply them. Some styling products are required to be applied at the bowl as they need to be put on soaking wet hair. Otherwise the discussion of styling products will take place back at the styling station. Once back at his/her chair, you will be blown dried, curled, flat-ironed, or diffused in the style discussed during your consult.

After Your Styling is Complete

After your styling is finished the stylist will check your cut to ensure everything is falling into it place. At this point, some finishing products may be applied depending on the preference of you or your stylist. Any final words between you and your stylist will be about how many weeks would be best for you to return for your next haircut to ensure it retains its shape and health. There will also be a recap on the products that were used during your appointment and to answer any remaining questions you may have about them or anything else.

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