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Men’s Haircut

Mens Haircut Service

Men coming in to get their haircut will get the same amount of consultation that a woman would receive. This is because just as much, if not more goes into a men’s haircut. Pictures are always 100% encouraged in the consultation process.

Since most men tend to be uncomfortable with hair terminology it eases the process and makes sure communication for the desired outcome is clear. Our hairstylist will then go over hair texture, maintenance, and what daily at home care you do, and are willing to do. These factors will determine if the stye you are hoping for needs to be tweaked in any way to better meet your needs. This time is also taken to discuss what type of styling products, if any, you prefer to use. Your hairstylist will go over whether that type will be best for your style or if another suggestions need to be made.

The approach to the haircut will also be determined by your hair texture and length. It may be started dry and finished wet, vise versa, or one or the other from start to finish. At the conclusion of the haircut you will be instructed on how to apply the styling product discussed previously and taught how style it if necessary.

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